lukanda propaganda

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Pianist and songwriter Kris Spiteri has joined forces with percussionist and singer Daniel Cauchi in this duo project to record their debut album Lukanda Propaganda. The platform is adult contemporary and the songs, written and composed by Spiteri, are lyric driven.

The album is partly influenced by the Maltese as well as the global current social and cultural situations. Apart from this there are also songs which reflect some personal and interpersonal circumstances.

The artwork for the album's booklet was designed by Steve Bonello, who has carefully drawn a drawing to describe each song.

This project had also the fortune of working in collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in the recording of the album as well as in a live performance for the launch of the album. This venture was sponsored by the Malta Arts Fund.

Words and music: Kris Spiteri
Arrangements : Daniel Cauchi, Peter Borg, Kris Spiteri
Orchestral Arrangements: Aurelio Belli
Recorded: Railway Studios (MT)
Production and engineering: Peter Borg
Mixing and Mastering: Howard Keith, Jagged House Studios
Booklet Drawings: Steve Bonello
Design: Robert Spiteri
Duplication and printing: Reciprocal Records
Proof reading: Michael Spagnol

Daniel Cauchi, Kris Spiteri, Peter Borg, Marcelline Agius , Nadia Debono, Akos Kertész, Alex Bezzina, Aurellio Belli, Jesmond Azzopardi, Marco Cola, Ivan Borg, Eric Wadge, Oliver Degabriele, Robert Spiteri, Alex Debono, Fabrizio Giorgio, Matthew James Borg, Yuri Charyguine.